What it means to be a Scout

Eloise Bentley is a Year 10 student, who has joined us with a range of skills stemming from her experience in scouts. She has now actioned her CAS program to continue her growth in a passion of her choice. The Australian Scout Medallion is considered the pinnacle of scouting achievement. To earn the Australian Scout Medallion a scout must:

Participate in a Scout Leadership Course at any time after completion of the Pioneer Badge;

Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting;

Achieve the Adventurer Cord.

Read about her experiences as a scout, which has culminated in her receiving one of the highest scouting honours, the Australian Scout Medallion.

“I started Scouts as a cub in 2011 and received my Grey Wolf award in 2014. Then, early last month on 6 February, I was proud to receive my Australian Scout Medallion. The Grey Wolf award and the Australian Scout Medallion are respectively the highest award a cub scout and a scout can receive.

What does it mean to be a scout?

It means being of service to anyone and everyone: we attend ANZAC parades, help younger ones grow and teach them life skills, push trolley carts for other people at the supermarket, help out at community events or give disabled kids an experience they’ll never forget.

Scouts is also action-packed. I’ve experienced so many things I never thought I’d do now or ever. Going on amazing camps such as survivor camps on islands and having adventures with the greatest friends I could ask for: going to mud runs in different places in Australia and even bungee-jumping and skydiving in New Zealand. It was also experiences like walking with my troop from Ashmore to Currumbin beach from 8pm to 4am to attend the ANZAC parade and memorial service.

As a scout, you also need to be innovative whether you are organising the scout night for your patrol, menus for camps, hikes in the hills or on the Wyaralong dam, or a Scout’s Own where we gather around the fire, telling jokes and singing songs.

Finally, Scouts is about comradery and supporting each other as I would have never achieved my Australian Scout Medallion without the help of my fellow scouts and troop leaders.”

Ms Alita Blackmur
Deputy Principal (Acting)