Yatsushiro SHS Study Tour Visit – Friday 21 July 2018

On Friday 27 July, QAHS had the wonderful opportunity to host a visit from the students and teachers of Yatsushiro High School. In the morning, the Yatsushiro students performed many informing and entertaining presentations, demonstrating their exceptional ability to speak the English language and explain the unique aspects of the Japanese culture. The Principal of Yatsushiro High School also spoke about the history of the school. He stated that in its history of 120 years (founded in 1896) there have been over 37,000 graduates, and the school has produced a great number of leading figures in political, financial, industrial, educational and other fields.

After this presentation, the Yatsushiro students joined the QAHS Japanese Student Ambassadors in class and engaged in routine activities and work. The class my Japanese buddies, Aina and Mayuko, had attended was French. They contently observed our hard-working class and happily participated in singing French songs. They were able to understand some French and chimed in when we counted in, “Une, deux, trois!”

At midday, the students from Yatsushiro and QAHS Student Ambassadors worked together in a lesson of Exercise Science in the sports hall. We explored the relationship between heart rate and the increase in exercise. By helping and translating any misinterpretations, all students collaborated to create an aim, hypothesis, method, conclusion and graph the results.

Before continuing to the next activity of planting rosemary in the QAHS community garden, the Yatsushiro students indulged in the Australian cuisine specialty lunch: sausages on bread. The student ambassadors and Yatsushiro students planted the rosemary in large pots. By first pouring the soil mix, then taking out the plant from the small plastic pot and into the larger pot and showering the plant with sufficient water.

To conclude the day, the students retreated back to the Sports Hall to play some table tennis, badminton or basketball.  Overall, the day was a success and an enlightening opportunity. It was a pleasure to assist and help out during the day and I would like to give credit to Mrs Rebgetz, Ms Blackmur, Ms Hodson, Mr Ryschka, Yatsushiro High School and staff, the Japanese Student Ambassadors; Kirrali Keenes, Anna Yamada, Kai Onuki, Ayami Watanabe and Juliette Asai-Hughes for playing such important roles on this day and contributing their time and effort.

Annalisa Rashad
Year 10 Student