Year 10 camp

The 2015 Year 10 camp was held on 6-8 May at the Hidden Creek, Outdoor Education Centre, Young’s Road, Limpinwood, New South Wales.  The camp was supervised by Specialist Outdoor Education Instructors in conjunction with school staff.

Year 10 student Ishaan Haikerwal shares his reflections:

“Year 10 camp was a great experience. For many of us, we finally felt we were with a group of people who shared similar passions and had similar goals, so naturally we had a wonderful time and instantly connected with one another. The facilities and activities organised for the students were excellent. Some of the highlights of Year 10 camp included the flying fox, the low ropes course and the obstacle course. These activities were not a test of strength, but an opportunity for us to support each other and work together as a team. When I didn’t think I could make it to the finish line on the high ropes course, my friends gave me the confidence and guidance that helped me push myself and achieve something I didn’t think I could. This in essence is what QAHS is about – a group of peers supporting each other and pushing each other to do better. Some of the friendships we formed on Year 10 camp are sure to last through our Queensland Academy journey, and I cannot thank the Hidden Creek and QAHS staff enough for giving us the opportunity to make these friendships and share such great experiences together.”

Haikerwal, IshaanIshaan Haikerwal
Year 10