Year 10 Debating – life skills

Throughout the course of this year, several novice debaters with the help of a few experienced team members familiarised themselves with the ins and outs of debating. A team of six year tens made their way to the last 16 on 23 July.

With our hands shaking and the tense atmosphere around us, debating was challenging, but the feeling of accomplishment was worth all the hard work we put in! The topics given ranged from Australia’s resources to youth and enthusiasm, and in short-prep debates, we were surprised at the diversity of the topics, some of which we found rigorous and exciting.

Each time, whether a speaker, time keeper, chairperson or audience, we learnt a valuable lesson and overcame each hurdle no matter how rigorous.

We met many new people, saw friends from other schools and it was a great way to interact.

The experiences gained from debating, have given us skills that will be with us for the rest of our lives. Techniques include: thinking on our feet, feeling more confident and keeping calm whilst  speaking publically, enunciating words correctly, using expressive vocabulary, using persuasive speech and millions of other skills that can be applied in many places (especially in school speeches).

Also, we guarantee that now we are good at arguing… persistently.

We all, as one working unit, plan to continue debating next year and perhaps, even make it to the finals!

Thanks again to our coach Mrs Hossy and the team.

The Team L-R: Dilpreet Chadha, Naomi Smith, Grace Yoo, Leona Mak, Alice Cho and Omar Wood