Year 10 Debating Success

With three teams heading into the quarterfinals this Wednesday, pride feels an understatement. While sceptical at the outset, the mentoring experience has been remarkably rewarding. Over the course of the year, I have watched the four teams develop in many different ways. Most notably many students have gained confidence and articulation; assets that, coupled with charm, will serve them well in the coming years within and beyond the academy. After a competitive preliminary season, it is my great pleasure to have three teams competing in quarterfinals this Wednesday, a credit to their work throughout the year. Another proud moment arose when Intermediate B debater, Isabella Dobrosklonsky filled in for a Senior B finals debate. This was a very noble challenge to undertake and by all reports she performed excellently and her involvement was greatly appreciated. I encourage all students to engage themselves in debating and to join me in supporting these teams, as their oppositions become stronger and the grand final draws closer. Whatever adulation may follow, I congratulate all debating teams on their admirable representation of our academy and personal successes.

Student reflection by Callum Janetzki:
“At the start of the year, I decided to join the school debating team in order to improve my confidence in a public speaking setting. As my team prepares for our upcoming quarterfinals debate, I can happily say that this skill has been developed along with many others which I didn’t even know I was capable of. It has helped me articulate my thoughts along with being a critical thinker – as well as improving conflict resolution skills. All of these skills I have developed through debating can be applied to my schoolwork, and has helped me be a better IB learner by appealing to the IB learner profile traits of being a communicator, an inquirer and a risk taker.”

Rohaan Haikerwal
Year 10 Debating Coach