Year 10 Titration Challenge

On Wednesday 13 November, during the lunch break, our Year 10 students did battle in the annual Great Titration Challenge, aiming to standardise a base solution of unknown concentration. Teams of four students from each Chemistry class worked together and submitted their calculations to determine the unknown sodium hydroxide concentration. The percentage error for each team was compared, and the precision of the result considered, to determine the winning team. All teams demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency and the accuracy of the results was outstanding.

However, there can be only one winner, and for the second year in a row Mr Cooper’s class reigned supreme. Congratulations to Emma Hadwen, Maria Ciubuc-Batcu, Bethany So and Rebecca Norvock (pictured left with William Tsai and Steven Pak) who represented the winning Year 10 class, with an admirably low 1% error. The event was not without its controversy, and a special mention must go to Tyra Kruger, Caitlin Manley, Nicole Nuth-Un and Bree Schuch who could have held the trophy if not for a few missing significant figures.

It was an honour to have past champions Steven Pak and William Tsai in attendance to present the coveted Meerkat Trophy to the winning team. Thank you to all students involved and to the students who came along over lunch to lend their support.