Focus Day – Business and Management

On Tuesday 21 April, Year 11 SL anticipating and Year 12 HL Business and Management students spent the day attending two workshops, both of which were aimed to prepare them for their  mock exams in term three and their final November IB exams.

Year 12 Bus. & Management focus day 2015The first half of the day was spent with Mrs Rebgetz, who ran a workshop on the subject of ‘The Perfect Evaluation’. This focussed on some of the strategies proposed by Tim Woods, an IB Business teacher based in Ontario. Two frameworks were suggested for use by students when approaching an ‘evaluation’ question – the Analysis Triangle, a diagrammatic representation that considers the effects of a business decision, and the PEEL structure, which provides a basic framework for response structure.

For the rest of the day, students engaged in an intensive workshop focused on the Paper 1 Case Study Lady A, presented by Mr Hillman. Students were able to familiarise themselves with the case study’s content through their engagement in a number of activities, some of which included quizzes and the performance of role plays.

The Business & Management focus day provided students with a wealth of knowledge that will be of use to them in future exams within the subject.

Pictured: Dylan Vaughan-Jones, Caitlene Hillman and Josie Haggerty

Hudson, LornaLorna Hudson
Year 12,  HL Business & Management