Year 12 French students enjoy breakfast

Towards the end of Term 1, Year 12 French students had the opportunity to share the experience of a French breakfast at a local cafe. Below, students share their experience.

Mme Soulard
Professeur de Français

French Breakfast 2017

The French breakfast was a great opportunity that allowed us to experience a French meal and special French delicacies such as macaroons, fruit tarts, éclairs and croissants. Out of all of these three dishes I enjoyed the cream-filled éclair the most as it was a perfect combination of sweet and savoury. While I enjoyed the remaining dishes, I hoped for more variety in terms of the main dishes (a quiche and croque-monsieur), as I couldn’t eat the meat related dishes due to dietary needs, nonetheless, the friendly company and cultural focus allowed for an extremely enjoyable experience overall.   Zainab Noor

The French breakfast was a delicious way to become more connected to the French culture through its cuisine. Eating the delectable croque-monsieur, éclairs, fruit tarts, macarons, quiche Lorraine, buttery croissants, and sipping on frothy, rich hot chocolate and coffee while chatting to friends was an energising way to start the day. The sweet scent of pastries and the laughter of fellow students created a relaxed vibe which prepared us for the day of school ahead. Majority rules that we need to plan French breakfasts monthly as a deserved reward for the dedicated students of QAHS.   Abril Hernandez

I had a wonderful time at the French Breakfast. It was the first time I tried French cuisines such as macarons and the quiche. This experience is one that has deepened my knowledge of French food and I hope to have similar experiences in the future.   Sandya Indrajit

Myself and 13 other students enjoyed a French breakfast in Bundall. Our breakfast plates arrived at our table soon after our delicious hot chocolates and coffees were served. A range of salty and sweet dishes were presented to us, all quite appetising and filling the restaurant with great smells. We chatted about the amazing presentation of the platters as we dug in! Quiche Lorraine, fruit tart, vanilla éclair, macarons, croissants and Croque Monsieur were all on the menu, and it wasn’t long before our delectable meal was finished. We were all very full afterwards and the silky smooth hot chocolate was a perfect way to finish off the meal. I would recommend and suggest visiting this restaurant to anyone wanting to try out some delicious French ‘specialités du coin’.   Cecile Bentley

The breakfast at the patisserie proved to be a lot of fun and worth the early start to the morning. Lots of delicious, French breakfast dishes.   Owen Green

Attending the French breakfast at a small café in Bundall was an eye-opening experience that gave us insight into a new aspect of the French culture. We were served a variety of sweet and savoury foods that gave us the opportunity to experience the French cuisine first-hand. We got to try quiche Lorraine, croque-monsieur, buttery croissants, fruit tarts, macarons and éclairs along with our choice of either a hot chocolate or coffee. I would definitely recommend this breakfast to all French students as it was an excellent way to connect with the French culture through their traditional cuisine.   Emily Bull