Year 12 Retreat 2015

Each year an overnight retreat is organised for Year 12, allowing students to relax prior to undertaking the IB Mock Exams. The retreat allows staff to deliver some important IB preparation information and the compulsory CPR training for all Year 12 students.

“On the 13 – 14  August, the Year 12 cohort went to the Runaway Bay Sports and Excellence Centre for our senior retreat.  On the first day, we attended seminars on mindfulness, study tips for our final months of high school, healthy eating and did CPR training.  At the end of these sessions, we all had a lot of fun playing laser tag – we devised strategies, hid in bushes and competed against each other to determine who was the winning team! 

The focus of the second day was team building and the activities included archery, beach volleyball and a photo scavenger hunt.  Everyone had a fantastic time and it was a great opportunity to become better friends with the cohort.  It’s hard to believe that there are only a few more months until we graduate, so we all enjoyed making some final memories together before our mock exams.”

Norvock, Rebecca Rebecca Norvock
Year 12