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Rotary is a respected organization, globally recognized for their ideals of encouraging and fostering the concept of service as a basis of worthy enterprise, together with building international relationships. These ideals have been passed down into Interact Club's across the world, including that of the one at QAHS.  

Recently, the Interact Election for the 2023-2024 period was held and after many well thought out speeches from each candidate and much deliberation amongst the fellow members of Interact, the decision was finalized. We would like to formally welcome the new board members and congratulate them on their newly appointed positions, we wish them all the best for their fundraising endeavors in the upcoming year. 

2023-2024 Board Members: 

President: Josie Hamilton 

Vice-President: Kris Norris 

Co-Treasurers: Allegra Nutley and Shivani Singh 

Secretary: Shay Brokensha 

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 2022-2023 board members for all they have done for the QAHS community and for the wider community.  

2022-2023 Board Members 

President: Zahra Forbutt 

Vice-President: Rhea Garg 

Co-Treasurers: Nitika Bethi and Tillie Bester 

Secretary: Marley Bryers  

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Interact President Zahra and her board collaborated with Ashmore Rotary, alongside Surfers Sunrise Rotary, to enable for the QAHS community to have a year filled with engaging fundraisers.  

Starting with the first fundraiser in Term 4, 2022, we raised funds for World Polio Day. Rotary International consistently works alongside foundations, including the Polio Foundation, in order to better society. Their work with the Polio Foundation has drastically helped the situation and allowed for the eradication of two out of the three strains in the world.  

In the first term of 2023, we enthusiastically embraced the cherished QAHS tradition of hosting a Valentine's Day fundraiser in support of the Heart Foundation—a truly worthy cause committed to promoting heart-healthy awareness within our community. 

The dedication and hard work of the Board and our fellow Interact members were evident as they poured their hearts into organizing this event. Their tireless efforts over several weeks ensured that the fundraiser ran seamlessly, leaving a delightful and memorable experience for all members of our community. 

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable, with this year's fundraiser setting an all-time record high for QAHS, raising nearly $700 for the Heart Foundation. This incredible achievement is a testament to the genuine passion and commitment our students have for making a positive impact on important causes. 

During the second term of 2023, our club orchestrated QAHS's very first Pajama Day, a resounding success that captivated the entire community and garnered an overwhelming level of participation from both students and teachers alike! 

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As a result of numerous highly successful fundraisers and the unwavering dedication and passion displayed by our students during their tenure at QAHS, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the previous board members of Interact. Their exceptional service and commitment to this club have been instrumental in its flourishing. It is with deep appreciation that we acknowledge their thoughtful contributions to our community, as these events would not have been possible without their selfless efforts and time invested. 

Under Josie and her dedicated board, the Interact Club remains steadfast in our commitment to uphold the tradition of doing good, set forth by the previous board. Eager and enthusiastic, we are driven to make a lasting positive impact on QAHS and the wider community. With our unwavering passion and spirit of service, we aim to foster meaningful change and create a better world for all. 

 Zahra Forbutt (Year 12) and Josie Hamilton (Year 11) 

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Last reviewed 11 August 2023
Last updated 11 August 2023