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QAHS Year 11 and 12 students volunteered at Gold Coast Recreation and Sports' Annual Fundraising Trek for Rec Day at Pizzey Park, Miami last Thursday 8 June.  QAHS have a continuing partnership with Gold Coast Recreation and Sport whose mission is to provide opportunities for people with a disability to participate in recreation and sport. Our students spent the day encouraging and cheering on the clients as they completed the laps of the course as well as helping with the water stations and finish line duties. 

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All students will have another opportunity to volunteer again later in the year at the annual athletics day at Runaway Bay Sports Complex. These annual opportunities for students are a true reflection of service within the community with the hours of service contributing to the “Service" component of their CAS journey whilst completing the IB Diploma. 

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Student reflections:

Giselle Courtney – Year 12 student

I enjoyed volunteering at the Trec for Rec day as it was an educational and insightful experience. For the period of the day, I was able to put myself in the position to understand how many different people live, while getting to support them on their trec. I enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces and being able to connect with the community, as I formed many new bonds and friendships. It was really fulfilling to know that many of the individuals involved enjoyed our support as well. 

Samir Palekar - Year 12 student

While volunteering at Trec for Rec, I was able to identify my own strengths which were that I enjoyed helping others. However, this was the first time I had interacted with disabled people in terms of volunteering, which was something new for me. This opened my perspectives in life as it made me realize that I am extremely privileged in life compared to others, and that sometimes I take things for granted. This activity has helped me realize to become more empathetic and look for more ways to help disadvantaged people. Completing this activity also allowed me to recognize the benefits of working collaboratively with others who have common goals in helping people, which allowed me to form new friendships and relationships. Overall, I found this activity satisfying and will hope to take up more activities like this in the future. 

Thank you Jessie Rodger, Yasmen Dastfal, Julie Yoon, Giselle Courtney, Andrew McMath and Samir Palekar for your service during exam block.

Sarah Stevens
QAHS Wellbeing Coordinator

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Last reviewed 16 June 2023
Last updated 16 June 2023